White paper
WHO WE AREThrough the introduction of third-party security companies and the whitelist audit system of the target, a real-time audit is carried out to ensure the safety of the target.
Ensure that user funds are in their hands using threshold signature technology, multi-signature mechanism, sharing private keys without the need to entrust funds with the platform or other third parties.TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTUREHOW WE MAKE IT HAPPENSafety
KEEP IN TOUCHFeel free to contact us for any project idea or collaborationhello@clipprotocol.com
Cross-chainCross-chain bridge: users can realize the operation of various DeFi projects on a variety of different public chains through a wallet account.
TSSIn certain cases, the private keys can be retrieved by resharing the private key and invalidating the previous one.Refreshability:More efficient than Multisig because TSS has only 1 signature instead of n signatures. Fast Signing:Private keys split and distributed to multiple parties for utmost security.
The signing process never reconstitutes the key in a single instance.
High Security:Web3.0Implementation of the Web 3.0 system: DeFi intermediate key platform, summarizing data, more effective analysis, and generating high-value information for the DeFi ecosystem of all public chains. Use of data tracking, comparing and analyzing all mining pools in the whitelist to form an effective analysis report.Integrates first with EVM chains.
Automatically links to target Defi protocols.
Automatically updates the Farm APIs on target protocols.
Updates the contract and returns on the site.
CLIP APILoans&CollateralOnly work with DeFi protocols that have passed security audits.
Set up liquidation rules.
Clear hunter margin ratio.
Sophisticated Investor investment model.
Risk control Efficient
Automated adaptation of different public chains: the first time to grasp the head mine information. AnalysisCLIP Vault for lending and staking.
Match Assets and Funds.
CLIP is a revolutionary DeFi protocol that focuses on safety, usability and transparency for defi users. The protocol's API offers users the ability to access the top protocols across multiple defi chains through a single interface. Additionally, the platform provides security checks and data transparency that enables users a much better experience than other platforms. Finally, Hunters on the platform spot and promote the best investment opportunities which then allow users to achieve rapid returns and excellent profitability. Clip Protocolintegrated Defi infrastructure platform